A regular jumper or bounce house will provide hours of fun for your party-goers, but its limited to just a jump space measuring 9 feet 9 inches wide by 12 feet 4 inches deep and will support 800 lbs combined total weight of kids.


Combo is on the left & reg. jumper on the right.              Inside view of Combo Jumper.

Combo view from above. (diagram)

Our Combo Jumpers or Combo Bounce Houses will provide a jump space that is 9 feet 9 inches wide by 18 feet deep  and will support 1200 lbs of combined kid total weight.  That’s more jump space in addition to a climbing feature, a slide and a basketball hoop.  Keep in mind that with our combo’s, all of this is inside the unit, so there’s  no need to exit and re-enter the inflatable each time your kids use the slide making it much easier to keep track  of your kids in a hectic environment such as a park.  Additionally, since our slide is fully self contained unit inside the inflatable, it is shielded from the sun and won’t get hot and there’s no chance of your party goers exiting via the slide and ending up on the ground outside.

Whether you decide to opt for the Combo Bounce House or to stick with the Regular Bounce house you can rest assured that it will arrive clean and on time!  Just call or click to reserve yours today!

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